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Psychic Mind | About
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Psychic Mind

Founded back in 2010 by brothers Sebastian and Emanuel, PM’s current line up, after several changes in personnel, now consists of Sebastian Sachse (voc,b), Emanuel Sachse (guit, voc) Christian Reichler (guit, voc) and Tom Hanke (dr).

The music leaves room for debate, so the band itself simply refers to it as Metal. Yet it includes influences from various styles ranging from classic elements like dual guitar leads to low and heavy riffs. However, they do not include harsh vocals, but keep it clean. Some say the music ranges somewhere between Hard Rock and Thrash Metal. But you should check it out yourself and grow your own opinion!

How it all began…

Hardly out of their diapers, Emanuel and Sebastian founded their first band at the age of 13 and 14 back in 2009 together with their drumming friend Yanik. Soon, they uncovered their passion for harder Rock and Heavy Metal. As none of the other guys, who had joined them by the time, were interested in the trio’s obsession, they continued without them. In 2011 singer Marvin joined the band and their first original material was soon to be written. When Yanik quit the band in 2012, both brothers were shocked. But they soon managed to find a new great drummer, hard hitting Tom. Having just returned to former strength, Marvin was forced to quit, as he moved away in 2013. The band pulled straws and so Sebastian conquered the mic once more and there you still find him. One year later, the band looked for a second guitarist (well you know, only more is more…) and with Christian they found themselves a pretty damn good one.